Meet Your Officers

Introducing the 2019-20 Officers!

Presidents: handle relevant registration, publicity, funding, and transportation as well as the organization and oversight of the study and engineering efforts of both Paly SciOly teams

Brion Ye, Class of 2020: Hi people! This year shall be my sixth year doing SciOly. I generally like doing hands-on projects like woodworking and circuitry, but I’m also a fan of physics, math, and CS. Some of my favorite events are probably Mission Possible and Circuit Lab.

Sonny Young, Class of 2020: Hi all, this is my sixth and final year doing SciOly! I love playing with chemicals, so my obvious favorite event is Chem Lab.

Hannah Zhou, Class of 2021: Hi everybody! This will be my sixth year doing SciOly. I love watching crime shows and biology which makes Forensics my favorite event. I also somehow end up doing lots of inquiry events…

Treasurer: handles the financials

Ishani Raha, Class of 2021: Hi everyone! This will be my fourth year doing SciOly. I love geology and earth sciences in general, so my go-to events are fossils and dynamic planet, though I’m also interested in biology in general.

Programs Directors: manage all relevant logistics, publicity, and funding as well the organization and oversight of the meetings of the Greene Science Olympiad teams

Jenny Shi, Class of 2020: Hi! This will be my sixth year in SciOly. I enjoy studying biology and earth science, so my favorite events are Designer Genes and Rocks and Minerals.

April Wu, Class of 2022: Hi, my name is April and this will be my third year doing SciOly. I am interested in biology, so my favorite event is ornithology.

Teacher Supervisor:

Samuel Howles-Banerji