Meet Your Officers

Introducing the 2020-21 Officers!

Presidents: handle relevant registration, publicity, funding, and transportation as well as the organization and oversight of the study and engineering efforts of both Paly SciOly teams

April Wu, Class of 2022: Hi, my name is April and this will be my fourth year doing SciOly. I am interested in biology, so my favorite event is ornithology.

Evan Huang, Class of 2021: Hello everyone, I’m Evan and this will be my fifth year doing SciOly. I enjoy pain, so I end up doing a lot of biology events such as Designer Genes and Water Quality. I’m looking forward to working with everyone!

Hannah Zhou, Class of 2021: Hi everybody! This will be my seventh and final year doing SciOly 😦 I love watching crime/medical shows which makes Forensics my favorite event. I also somehow end up doing lots of inquiry events…

Treasurer: handles the financials

Erin Li, Class of 2023: Hi! My name is Erin and this is my second year doing SciOly. I like oceanography, so my favorite events are Dynamic Planet and Water Quality.

Programs Directors: manage all relevant logistics, publicity, and funding as well the organization and oversight of the meetings of the Greene Science Olympiad teams

Franklin Wang, Class of 2022: Hi! I’m Franklin and this will be my sixth year doing SciOly. I love music and making wacky instruments so Sounds of Music is my favorite event.

Jeremy Yun, Class of 2022: Hello! My name is Jeremy and this will be my sixth year doing SciOly. I mainly do engineering events and my favorite event is Wright Stuff.

Teacher Supervisor:

Samuel Howles-Banerji