Are you interested in trying out for the team?

This year we will be hosting 2 information sessions, one before club day and one after club day. 

Our first informational meeting will be during lunch in room 1702 on Tuesday, September 10. At this meeting you can sign up for our email list. We will also be presenting information regarding tryouts and other important information about SciOly.

You can also find us at our table during club day on Tuesday, September 17. We’ll have a computer where you will be able to sign up for our email list as well. 

Our second informational meeting will be during lunch in room 1702 on Thursday, September 19. This meeting will have exactly the same information as the first meeting. 

Tryouts are scheduled for September 30th – October 3rd. 

  1. Rules will be shared for the first time on September 10th after the first informational meeting with everyone on our email distribution list
    • Post-September 10th, if we have not shared the folder within 48 hours, please contact us.
  2. While you are waiting, we strongly recommend you read member-written blurbs here. Also check out our tips and tricks which will help for all tests. 
  3. Determine which events you like and want to try out for. We recommend 3-5. Engineering events will have a required, separate, collective test, but still note if you are interested in a particular engineering event.
  4. An email will be sent out with the New Member Form on September 10th, in which you will provide some of your academic background as well as your list of tryout events. This form is due 9/27
  5. Good luck studying! General study guides can be found in the Event Information folder.
  6. As always, contact us at with questions and concerns!

Please note: new and returning Members are required to fill out the New Member form.

Team Selection information can be found here post-tryouts.