Are you interested in trying out for the team?

This year we will most likely be hosting 2 information sessions, one before club day and one after club day. At these meetings you’ll be able to sign up for our email list. We will also be presenting information regarding tryouts and other important information about SciOly. 

You will also be able to find us at our table during club day. We’ll have a computer where you will be able to sign up for our email list as well. 

More information regarding specific dates will be released when we know more about the school schedule next year. 

Tryouts will likely be scheduled for a few weeks after the information sessions. 

  1. Rules for 2019-2020 events can be found here.
    • Events will be replayed for 2020-2021, with the addition of many trial events (events that don’t count for team score). 
    • Rules will be slightly adjusted for the 2020-2021 season for select events. These will be released in the fall. 
  2. Determine which events you like and want to try out for. We recommend 3-5. Engineering events will have a required, separate, collective test, but still note if you are interested in a particular engineering event.
  3. We have compiled some tryout resources (linked here) for prospective team members (and current team members) to prepare over the summer. We highly suggest textbook studying and getting started early! 
  4. An email will be sent out with the New Member Form after the information sessions, in which you will provide some of your academic background as well as your list of tryout events. 
  5. Good luck studying! As always, contact us at with questions and concerns!

Please note: new and returning Members are required to fill out the New Member form.

Team Selection information can be found here post-tryouts.