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Tryouts Schedule (subject to change):

*IMPORTANT: times have been shifted slightly so please check testing slots and Dynamic Planet and Anatomy and Physiology switched days.

Monday 9/28Tuesday 9/29Wednesday 9/30Thursday 10/1Friday 10/2
4:00-4:30Designer GenesAstronomyWater QualityOrnithologyCircuit Lab
4:45-5:15Protein ModelingChemistry LabCodebustersFossilsMachines
5:30-6:00Sounds of MusicForensicsExperimental DesignGeologic MappingEngineering*
6:15-6:45Disease DetectivesDynamic PlanetAnatomy and Physiology
*The engineering test will held from 5:30-6:45 and is required for everybody, even if you aren’t interested in engineering.

  1. Rules for 2019-2020 events can be found here.
    • Events will be replayed for 2020-2021, with the addition of many trial events (events that don’t count for team score). 
    • Rules will be slightly adjusted for the 2020-2021 season for select events. These will be released in the fall. 
  2. Determine which events you like and want to try out for. We recommend 3-5. Engineering events will have a required, separate, collective test, but still note if you are interested in a particular engineering event.
  3. We have compiled some tryout resources (linked here) for prospective team members (and current team members) to prepare for tryouts. We highly suggest textbook studying and getting started early! 
  4. Prospective members must fill out the New Member Form by September 26, 2020, in which you will provide some of your academic background as well as your list of tryout events. 
  5. Our tryouts this year will be conducted online in two different formats.
    • Station Events (Ornithology and Fossils): Test proctors will share their screen with members in the meeting. Tests in this section will be broken into sections and the appropriate screen will be shared, and then switched by the proctor when time for each section is up. 
    • All other events: After joining the Zoom meeting for the respective event, test proctors will share a pdf of the test with participants in the Zoom chat. Please show up 5 minutes early to ensure testing can begin on time.
  6. Tryouts process:
    • All Zoom links will be posted on website prior to test time
    • Tests will begin exactly when the tryout period starts.
    • Please join 10 minutes before the start time. We will not wait.
    • Prospective members should have a paper and pencil on hand before the test begins. They will look at the test on their screen and write down answers on their paper. When time is up, they will have 5 minutes to take a picture of their paper and submit to a Google Form. Zoom cameras MUST be turned on throughout the duration of the test to ensure academic integrity.
    • You will be allowed a 3″x5″ notecard to use during some tests.
    • Please see below for notecard regulations for each specific event. If your notecard does not follow these guidelines, you will not be allowed to use it.
    • There will be no notecard allowed for the engineering test
    • tryout parameters
  7. Good luck studying! As always, contact us at with questions and concerns!

Please note: new and returning Members are required to fill out the New Member form.

Team Selection information will be emailed out post tryouts.